Travis Taddeo Fall 2013 WMCFW

So last Friday I lost my Fashion Week virginity! (oh ya). I was lucky enough to attend  Travis Taddeo, whom I adore. His collections are always strong and demand attention. Just take a look at the images below, you’ll see what I mean.

LaSalle College graduate Travis Taddeo presented a  furry unisex collection last Friday at Toronto Fashion Week .

Taddeo’s 2013 fall collection  maintained  a minimalistic yet edgy nature through the incorporation of leather, sheer fabrics and an abundance of fabulous furs. The collection was sponsored by NAFA (North American Fur Association) so racoon, coyote and  beaver fur were all incorporated into the clothing,  Simple slinky tanks and dresses got a touch of sexy with sheer materials and high slits. Bright and vibrant hues were absent, although they weren’t missed – the collection was mostly an all black affair, something to be expected from Taddeo, with some ivory and cream added into the mix.  My favourite? The long maxi dress, that screams “Don’t F*** with me!” Looks like something Lisbeth Salander from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo would wear. No?


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current obsession: eve gravel

Montreal designer Eve Gravel’s spring/summer collection is brilliant. The collection is full of flawless cuts, contrasting fabrics and elegant pieces. I’m most impressed with the dresses, which range in price ($136-$196 CAD).  I was hesitant about trying the floral trend, but Gravel makes it look elegant and dramatic by combining the floral pattern with black.

Items are available at several online boutiques and retail stores throughout Canada, US, and France.

Items can also be purchased at Shop Eve Gravel. 

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