wanted 01.05.13

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No more school! YAY! Since I finished classes last week, I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time on Instagram, Pinterest (I just signed up yesterday, after stalking the boards for a few days), and catching up on my favourite blogs. During all this web surfing, I’ve discovered sooo many brands/designers that I’m totally obsessing over, hence they’ve made it onto my May want/need/love list. And mother nature has finally decided to cooperate, providing Toronto with lots of sunshine and double digit temperatures. Can’t wait to decorate the house with some fresh flower bouquets.


current obsession: EABurns

[Image source Boticca]

This collection is way too cool not to share. The combination of neon colours, geometric shapes and spikes is making my heart race. Designer Lizzie, is based in London, England (obviously! All great things come from the UK).  Pieces are made using scrap leather destined for the garbage bin.