2013 Bucketlist

27 before 27

The first few days of 2013 (like the beginning of any New Year) were teeming with articles, reports and blog posts about New Year’s resolutions; I would just like to note that I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts so thank-you to all that shared their goals. Clearly I’m a bit late with this post. Today is the 35th day of 2013, which means while most people (statistically-speaking) have abandoned their goals for the year, I’m technically just getting started. I’m not a big fan of resolutions for myself.. Last year my resolution was to quit smoking, but at 12:03 am after doing a round of ‘Happy New Year’ shots, I ended up heading outside for a smoke. Three minutes into the New Year and I had already failed my resolution! (That’s got to be a record).

I decided to take a different approach this year. A bucket-list approach. I didn’t want to rush into anything (clearly…it’s taken me 35 days to put this list together!) and so I thought long and hard about what I want to accomplish this year. Since I am a December baby, I have 12 11 months to attain these goals. I think I may even put together a ‘Before 30’ bucket list.

For those interested, here’s my list, solely for this year:

1. Graduate(!)

2.  Quit smoking

3. Participate in City Chase Toronto

4. Go camping (Can you believe I’ve never been camping?! I live in Canada! It should be  mandatory, no? )

5.  See seven bands/musicians perform live

6. Snail-mail seven handwritten letters to people I love

7. Take a Bollywood dancing class

8.  Get a tattoo

9. Gather up a group of  friends, rent out a paintball field and go to war

10. Reach my goal weight

11. Complete a scrapbook

12. Date, plural

13. Be a better friend, the kind that returns texts and calls, and doesn’t flake

14. Take up kickboxing   Got started on this one, and plan for it to be ongoing. Aiming for 1-2 classes a week

15.  Find a meaningful volunteer opportunity in my area, and take it on for at least a month

16. Spend a week cell phone-and-computer free

17. Go on a road trip and explore three new cities/towns

18. Have a full out picnic – with a wicker basket, checkered blanket and loads of stereotypical picnic foods

19. Have a childhood movie marathon (Now&Then, Little Mermaid, TMNT, Hocus Pocus etc)

20. Spend 72 hours or more by the water

21. Blog regularly,  3x a week

22. Complete an internship at a successful Toronto fashion/lifestyle magazine (this will be my 2nd internship)

23. Combine video clips and photos for a yearly family video

24. Save money

25. Start a journal… again

26. Attend three festivals in Toronto

27. Submit at least three story pitches for publication to various magazines

What’s on your bucketlist?



Under $50
2. LUSH Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars $3.95 -$10.95 each
6. Threadless Pillows $24.50 each

music monday 06.18.2012

Wow. Lots of insanely great music being added to my playlist lately. Summer has officially landed her hot arse in Toronto, which means I’m constantly looking for songs to add to my ultimate ‘cruisin’ with the windows’ down playlist. Yes, my car has A/C, but there is something special about driving around with the windows down, wind through your hair, hands doing those little waves out the window..Take a listen to four of my newest additions and one throwback that recently made a comeback. Enjoy my pretties and please share your ultimate crusin’ with the windows down song.

editorial sea sirens: May 2012

Bekah Jenkins and Lily Donaldson took on the role of sea sirens this month. Both models donned some shimmery and jewel encrusted looks by the sea, resembling mermaids, but the editorials couldn’t be more different.   Take a look.

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current obsession: eve gravel

Montreal designer Eve Gravel’s spring/summer collection is brilliant. The collection is full of flawless cuts, contrasting fabrics and elegant pieces. I’m most impressed with the dresses, which range in price ($136-$196 CAD).  I was hesitant about trying the floral trend, but Gravel makes it look elegant and dramatic by combining the floral pattern with black.

Items are available at several online boutiques and retail stores throughout Canada, US, and France.

Items can also be purchased at Shop Eve Gravel. 

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