current obsession: eve gravel

Montreal designer Eve Gravel’s spring/summer collection is brilliant. The collection is full of flawless cuts, contrasting fabrics and elegant pieces. I’m most impressed with the dresses, which range in price ($136-$196 CAD).  I was hesitant about trying the floral trend, but Gravel makes it look elegant and dramatic by combining the floral pattern with black.

Items are available at several online boutiques and retail stores throughout Canada, US, and France.

Items can also be purchased at Shop Eve Gravel. 

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current obsession: EABurns

[Image source Boticca]

This collection is way too cool not to share. The combination of neon colours, geometric shapes and spikes is making my heart race. Designer Lizzie, is based in London, England (obviously! All great things come from the UK).  Pieces are made using scrap leather destined for the garbage bin.