2013 Bucketlist

27 before 27

The first few days of 2013 (like the beginning of any New Year) were teeming with articles, reports and blog posts about New Year’s resolutions; I would just like to note that I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts so thank-you to all that shared their goals. Clearly I’m a bit late with this post. Today is the 35th day of 2013, which means while most people (statistically-speaking) have abandoned their goals for the year, I’m technically just getting started. I’m not a big fan of resolutions for myself.. Last year my resolution was to quit smoking, but at 12:03 am after doing a round of ‘Happy New Year’ shots, I ended up heading outside for a smoke. Three minutes into the New Year and I had already failed my resolution! (That’s got to be a record).

I decided to take a different approach this year. A bucket-list approach. I didn’t want to rush into anything (clearly…it’s taken me 35 days to put this list together!) and so I thought long and hard about what I want to accomplish this year. Since I am a December baby, I have 12 11 months to attain these goals. I think I may even put together a ‘Before 30’ bucket list.

For those interested, here’s my list, solely for this year:

1. Graduate(!)

2.  Quit smoking

3. Participate in City Chase Toronto

4. Go camping (Can you believe I’ve never been camping?! I live in Canada! It should be  mandatory, no? )

5.  See seven bands/musicians perform live

6. Snail-mail seven handwritten letters to people I love

7. Take a Bollywood dancing class

8.  Get a tattoo

9. Gather up a group of  friends, rent out a paintball field and go to war

10. Reach my goal weight

11. Complete a scrapbook

12. Date, plural

13. Be a better friend, the kind that returns texts and calls, and doesn’t flake

14. Take up kickboxing   Got started on this one, and plan for it to be ongoing. Aiming for 1-2 classes a week

15.  Find a meaningful volunteer opportunity in my area, and take it on for at least a month

16. Spend a week cell phone-and-computer free

17. Go on a road trip and explore three new cities/towns

18. Have a full out picnic – with a wicker basket, checkered blanket and loads of stereotypical picnic foods

19. Have a childhood movie marathon (Now&Then, Little Mermaid, TMNT, Hocus Pocus etc)

20. Spend 72 hours or more by the water

21. Blog regularly,  3x a week

22. Complete an internship at a successful Toronto fashion/lifestyle magazine (this will be my 2nd internship)

23. Combine video clips and photos for a yearly family video

24. Save money

25. Start a journal… again

26. Attend three festivals in Toronto

27. Submit at least three story pitches for publication to various magazines

What’s on your bucketlist?


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