Spring 2012 Beauty Must-Haves

Spring 2012 Beauty Must-Haves

Although I am often mesmerized by glowing alabaster complexions, I prefer a sun-kissed look for myself. The St. Tropez Gradual Tan Lotion (available at  Sephora ) is by far my favourite self-tanner to use. For one, it’s gradual, so even if my application is sloppy and imprecise, it doesn’t show.  The colour I achieve is very convincing. The ‘fake tan’ smell is there, but it’s a lot more subtle then most self tanners.
Black liner is a year round must-have item for me. The Triple Threat Tattoo Liners from Kat Von D (available at Sephora) have three different tips so you can achieve different looks. Perfect set to help you re-create the modern cat eye looks that were seen on the runway.
(Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar)
Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Nude Eye Palette is perfect for a natural spring time look or an elegant and polished look. It’s small and slim, so you can just throw it in your clutch. The dual ended brush is an added bonus.
I came across Chanel’s Distraction on another blogger’s site, and I instantly feel in love. It’s not in my possession yet (just placed an order for it via Nordstrom today!!) but I know I’m going to love it. ❤
I’ve been using the Aqua Mirabilis from Lush for a few years, and I adore it. The ground almonds exfoliate my skin. The combination of almond and cocoa butter leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. No need to slather lotion on after using this in the shower. ** Please do not use this body butter if you are allergic to nuts.
♠ ♠ ♠

2 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Beauty Must-Haves

  1. I’ve tried King of Skin and Buffy, but I’ve always wondered how Aqua Mirabilis differentiates from the other body butters. Buffy I find is too rough for me, I find.
    I also am in love with the colour of the Chanel nail polish, it looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing :3

  2. I want those liners!!! Ugh but they dont sell those here in the Philippines :((

    Here though, you don’t need to tan yourself. The sun’s hot enough to keep you tan just by walking under it everyday haha 😀


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